In its “2007 Annual Report on Violations of Trade Unions Rights“, the International Trade Union Confederation(ITUC) counted 144 persons assassinated throughout the world in 2006. The ITUC has been campaigning for a number of years, notably within the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, in order for trade unionists to be recognized entirely as human rights defenders as soon as they are victims of serious abuses considering their activities in favour of their colleagues’ rights at work.

The resolution adopted in June 2000, on Defenders of the ITUC, provides a broad mandate for action in this field. Defenders who encounter security problems due to their trade union activity should first contact their central trade union. These can then refer any case to the “Workers Activities” Departement of the International Labour Organisation. and inform the Trade Union Rights Departement of the ITUCMr. Janek Kuczkiewicz Director Trade Union.

Protection International published a protection manual, where Trade Union Members will draw tools for security management training. This Guide also includes a section on security workshops organised in the field by Protection International. Trade Unions can also contribute to the protection of all human rights defenders by informing

  • their urgent action network
  • their parliamentarian and governmental contacts
  • and by financially supporting defenders organisation.

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The International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC) is the main international trade union organisation, representing the interests of working people worldwide. The ITUC was founded at its inaugural Congress in Vienna, Austria, on 1 -3 November 2006. It groups together the former affiliates of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) and the World Confederation of Labour (WCL), along with trade union organisations which had no global affiliation.


The International Labour Organization is the UN specialized agency which seeks the promotion of social justice and internationally recognized human and labour rights