In many countries and regions of the world, the work in favour of human rights is an activity that embodies risks.

  • The risk of being assassinated, tortured, harassed, detained, threatened, &hellip
  • The risk of being “disappeared”
  • The risk of losing our job, of being accused of being a “terrorist agent” or of being at the mercy of “foreign governments”
  • The risk to see our spouse or our children also threatened due to our activity
  • The risk of being raped, accused of disrupting social order that does not recognise the role of women in the defence of Human rights
  • Finally, though we have eluded to the worst, the risk of losing self confidence and of abandoning the defence of Human Rights… which is precisely the objective of the repression

Risk is usually an integrative part of our work and our goal will be to bring it to a « reasonable » level in order to protect and guarantee the sustainability of our work.

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Useful Links

  • Resources for country analysis – Human Rights Tools

    Country analysis is an important part of protection work, and the starting point for building an effective protection strategy. Gathering already existing information on violations, identifying which law applies, and analysing the political stakeholders are perhaps the most important parts of a country analysis. However this is not enough: it is also important to examine the economics and geography, social and development indicators, history and culture, to understand possible sources of risk and vulnerability which may directly or indirectly affect your beneficiary populations. But where can we get the reliable information we need, quickly and easily,without spending days surfing the web? Especially when our internet connections are maddeningly slow… This site contains some key resources on a special web page to help you build a comprehensive and multi-dimensional country analysis. They should help you to quickly gather the facts and figures you need. You will even find some fantastic places to get your maps! Each link on this page will allow you to access country-specific pages