Citizens for Human Rights defenders

Jorge Mata/PBI ©

Citizens are, of course, the first beneficiaries of the defenders activities. In conflict areas, massive human rights violations perpetrated against civilians and social groups stigmatised for their political, religious and ethnic membership would go unnoticed without the presence of defenders.

Without the defenders activities, systematic impunity in certain countries :

  • Diminishes the citizens confidence in its institutions
  • Discourages the citizen taking legal and non violent action
  • Ruins the State’s legal system
  • Bars the reconciliation process

To combat impunity, reinforce citizens control in ensuring the State respects its obligations and to protect the defenders of all rights and freedoms , the citizen can:

  • Act now by expressing his/her opinion to the authorities responsible for protecting defenders; under News on Defenders you will find specific examples.
  • Join a local or national organisation active in defender protection
  • Go in the field as a international observer to protect defenders
  • Disseminate the UN Declaration on defenders
  • Support Protection International with a donation