Use of the Internet is continuing to spread in China. According to the China Internet Network
Information Centre (CNNIC), the number of Internet users reached 162 million, or 12.3 per cent
of the population, on 1 July. A total of 1.3 million Chinese websites have been listed. And 19 per
cent of China’s Internet users have their own blog.
 To maintain its grip on power, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has always [...]
Television and satellite are quite widespread all over the world and in the Arab world particularly as a result of high rates of illiteracy, the low cost of satellite, and international coverage, says a report of the Initiative for an Open Arab Internet. However, television is still restricted by censorship, internally and externally. Governments in several instances have cracked down on satellite channels and dispensed their reporters as a response [...]
This is the third report on the Gongadze case published by the inquiry established in
November 2003 by the International Federation of Journalists, the Institute of Mass
Information of Ukraine, the National Union of Journalists of the UK and Ireland and the
Gongadze Foundation. It is an update and continuation of our two earlier reports, published in January 2005 and September 2005 The case of Gongadze, the founding editor of the Ukrainska Pravda [...]
The Journalists’ Conference for the East and Horn of was one of the capacity building activities carried out by EHAHRDP targeting journalists and media workers in their capacity as human rights defenders (HRDs). Thirty four (34) journalists including other HRDs working outside the media attended the three-day conference. It aimed at providing an opportunity to discuss and sensitise journalists about issues of human rights work and opportunities of intensified synergetic linkages between the media and [...]
This Special Report is the third in a series issued by the Office of the OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media that seeks to offer clarification about problematic aspects and best practices of the framework for the media in the OSCE area. The first two reports, issued in October 2006 and March 2007, examined the function of journalists’ accreditation and the issue of registration of the print media. This Special Report examines the treatment [...]
They use various code names, pseudonyms
and trademarks. One day it could be the
“United Self-Defence Groups of Colombia ”
(with AUC as its acronym) or the “Free Colombia 
Self-Defence Groups, United List.” Another day 
it might be “Free Colombia Democratic Front” or
“ Social Front for Peace.” When they want to
 clearly announce their colours and carry out targeted
murders or threats against peasants,
unionists, human rights activists and sometimes
 even former comrades-in-arms, they call [...]
The Pakistan media is facing twin crises of press freedom and of journalist safety.
Nineteen journalists are believed to have been murdered since 2000, with four killed in just
the past year. Numerous others have been attacked, assaulted and arrested during this time.
Sickeningly, this crisis goes beyond journalists and involves their families, with two cases of
the brothers of journalists murdered to send a message to the journalist.
Yet, only in one case have [...]
With journalists covering “wars” finding themselves confronted with ever more complicated, delicate and dangerous working conditions, it is important to recall their special protection under international humanitarian law. In this article, the author looks at the protection regime offered by IHL to journalists and the media in the context of armed conflicts, both under the general regime of civilians and civilian objects, as under the specific provisions concerning journalists. The [...]
War and violence rarely answer anything — but when they happen, journalists and other media staff have a crucial role in cutting through the fog of deception, lies and manipulation of information that inevitably follows. Their task is to show the impact on the lives of ordinary people. In taking on that role, journalists and others put their lives and safety at risk. The IFJ has campaigned for many years [...]