Photo Credit: Anette Brolenius

Justin Bahirwe, Protection International partner in DRC, is featured on the campaign
'10 Profiles of Human Rights Defenders against Torture' by the World Organisation Against
Torture (OMCT) ahead of the United Nations Human Rights day next 10 December.

Alongside his job as a lawyer trying to reduce Congolese’s exposure to the pervasive risk
of torture, Justin Bahirwe's SOS-IJM also runs a service for human rights defenders at risk,
together with Protection International.

The Joint Protection Service helps human right defenders under threat or attack to make an
analysis and conceive a protection response. Depending on the risk analysis, the protection
response consists of legal, physical, digital, medical or financial measures. It often involves a
form of mediation or advocacy for the legitimacy of the human rights work provoking the attack.

More on Justin's  profile on the OMCT campaign HERE.