On May 13th representatives of the member organizations of the UPR Platform, including the National Network of Human Rights Defenders in Honduras, published an analysis and assessment of the results of the Universal Periodic Review on Human Rights.


The UN issued 152 recommendations to the Honduran government, many of which related to the persistent situation of violence and insecurity in the country.


As stated in its report, the UN acknowledges that the State of Honduras has made a serious effort to overcome the human rights challenges faced by the Country in 2010. Nevertheless, the structural issues of poverty and the region-wide increase in violence undermine its population’s enjoyment of economic, social and civil rights.


The UN thus calls for a sustained commitment in the medium and long term to be upheld by all political and social authorities as well as backed by the international community, to enable Honduras to become a country whose population is educated, healthy, safe, free of extreme poverty and violence, and able to pursue the country’s development within a democratic framework.


The recommendations issued treat impunity cases involving different charges against journalists, judges, human rights defenders, indigenous peoples, and Afro-Honduran communities. They call for a new methodology of investigation and a stricter prosecution of femicide and crimes against LGBT people, as well as for the ratification of the CEDAW Optional Protocol and the implementation of the Gender Equality Plan 2010-2020.


Last but not least, the UN report makes a specific reference to the Law on the Protection of HR Defenders”. The law, recently approved by Congress, incorporates a number of UN resolutions and recommendations into Honduran law and provides a list of preventive, protective and emergency measures to be implemented under the supervision of the Ministry of Security as well as by a newly established National Protection Council.


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