Montreal, 10 March 2014. Mexico (source: AMARC-Mexico) – AMARC-International learnt will relief the release on bail of Alma Delia Olivares, reporter of the community radio La Cabina on March 4th after five days of detention (see last news). Alma Olivares remains however under prosecution for “illegal use of nation’s good”, after being accuse of “audio pollution” (see complete information from AMARC-Mx in Spanish), a charge that does not exist in Mexican legislation. These charges were not notified to her when she was first arrested.
AMARC-International asks alongside AMARC-Mexico for the suspension of the judicial proceedings hold against Alma Olivares. This process looks like excessive judicial zeal, as La Cabina representatives already paid a 29,000 Mexican pesos (around 2,000 US dollars) fee for illegal broadcasting before the recent closure of the radio station. As Mexican community radios are still facing many obstacles to broadcast legally, their representatives are often targets of abusive penal process so they are silenced.



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