Job title: Webmaster and IT Officer
Location: Brussels
Hours: 15 hours per week
Reports to: Outreach and Communication Officer


•    Administer and manage PI´s web platform (WordPress CMS)
•    Plan, design and develop improvements to PI websites in coordination with Outreach Officer and Executive Direction.
•    Develop and code web solutions on request of the Outreach Officer, Protection Desks
and other thematic units.
•    Fix bugs and monitor the overall performances of the websites.
•    Manage the email accounts for PI staff.
•    Master PI’s web-presence: support colleagues responsible for content of particular sites
or pages.
•    Liaise with the host for technical issues, updates, certificates and DNS renewals and requests by PI staff.
•    Develop an encryption culture within the staff, support people on the field on encrypting and safe communication.
•    Organize the internal communication of PI (Intranet, exchange of documents, etc.).
•    Manage the technical aspects of PI database. Investigate – and develop – a secure and

Education and experience required
•    Degree in web development.
•    Experience in working with a CMS and with social media and web-publications platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, etc.).
•    Experience of network administration.
•    Experience with encryption.
•    Three to five years of experience in website development.

•    Ability to work in English and French. Spanish highly appreciated too.
•    Broad knowledge of software and web platforms, languages and functionalities.
Minimum requirements are:
–  WordPress (with an ability to adapt to other CMS)
–  Languages : PHP, HTML 5.0, CSS 3.0, Javascript
–  GIT versioning system
–  MySql and similar databses tools
–  Knowledge of AJAX and Javascript Libraries
–  MSOffice (Access, Word, Excel)
–  Illustrator, InDesign , Photoshop (photo grading, basic knowledge) or open-source alternatives (Gimp).
–  Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Youtube.
–  Thunderbird, Mail.
–  Creativity in finding open-source/free solutions in a working environment where communication budgets may fluctuate.

Personal Qualities
•    Self-motivated, innovative and independent worker.
•    Ability to work in a small team.
•    Dedication to support PD teams.
•    Capacity to work in a multi-cultural environment.
•    Ability to meet deadlines under pressure.
•    Knowledge of encryption softwares (TrueCrypt, PGP, etc.)
•    Knowledge of frameworks such as Django or Ruby-on-Rails (exploration of the
future of the PI website).
•    Knowledge of Mailchimp and BitBucket.
•    Following new developments in Social Media and Internet.

Deadline for application: September 15, 2013.

Please send your CV and cover letter with your motivation to: